The Open 2-Stroke Championship presented by Word Racing.

Professional run. Grassroots focused.

Shifter Kart racing in the NorthwestThe Open 2-Stroke Championship was created to bring back the fun and participation in local kart racing. With a focus on making the fast 2-stroke classes affordable and open to nearly all types of 2-stroke engines, we are giving people a place to race competitively with either older “obsolete” engines, or the latest engines. Professionally run, but grass-roots focused, we welcome all levels of Karters from the weekend warrior simply looking to hangout with his friends and have a great time, to the semi-pro Karter looking for competition and track time to prepare for big events such as the SKUSA Super Nationals. This is a series that keeps costs to a minimum, and where camaraderie off the track and wheel-to-wheel competition on the track is the rule.


For questions, contact Randy Word by phone at 503-757-1776, or email randy
*(@ wordracing .com)


Be sure to join us on Facebook at


2018 Schedule:
- Sunday April 22 -- Mac Track (McMinnville)
- Sunday June 10 -- PARC (Pat's Acres Racing Complex)
- Sunday June 24 -- Mac Can-Am
- Saturday July 21 -- Tri-Cities Night Race!
- Saturday August 4 -- PARC Night Race!
- Sunday September 16 -- PARC Can-Am


"I had so much fun very enjoyable weekend you guys are awesome the prizes are great keep it up nice to see you doing it right"
 -- Brian Nixon 4/22/2018


The 2018 series is presented by WORD Racing. They are providing the funding for the medals, podium hats, website, banners, and much more. Please visit their website at and support them. They carry the latest Snell standards helmets, 360 Plus Devices, Ribtect vests & seats, tires, oil, and much more. They are also the Northwest distributor for the awesome made in USA iKart Indianapolis racing karts – double winner of the SKUSA Summer Nationals.


We are pleased to announce that the 2018 O2s Championship is an official qualifier, in partnership with ROK Cup USA, for the ROK in RIO!


PitKit is the official tool supplier for the O2s Championship. Visit their website at is the Shifter Lights class sponsor. Visit their website at


Shark Shifter is the Shifter Heavy class sponsor. Visit their website at

Click link below for PDF document explaining class weights, fuel, tires, etc.

The 2018 O2s Supplemental Technical Regulations manual - updated 8/2/2018


For the general OSKCS rules that we operate under, click the follwing link:

General OSKCS rules


Sign up to race: 2018 Driver Information Form


O2s Championship classes are as follows:

- Shark Shifter Heavy -- Honda Stock Moto S4, X125S, ROK, DD2, and ICC/KZ

- eShifter Kart Shifter Light -- Honda Stock Moto S2/S1, Stock TM Moto, ROK, Honda Mod Moto, X125S, DD2, and ICC/KZ

- TaG Masters -- X30, X125T, Leopard, Rotax, Vortex ROK, Dragon, etc.

- TaG Sr. -- X30, X125T, Vortex ROK, Leopard, Rotax, etc.

- TaG Jr. -- X30, X125T, Vortex ROK, Leopard, Rotax, etc.

- TaG Cadet -- Mini/Micro Swift, Jr 1/2 restricted X125T, Vortex ROK, Rotax, 100cc Leopard, etc.

*See the Supplemental Technical Regulations manual for complete list of engines and weights

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