The Oregon 2-Stroke Championship presented by Word Racing.

Professionally run. Grassroots focused.

The official Northwest Karting championship for 2-stoke Karts will be contested over 6 rounds in 2017, as was done in 2016. It is run in combination with local series and events. The goal is to have a more condensed, time friendly, competitive and fun focused series with a higher and more consistent entry base of Shifter, and TaG, racers. It's a Revolution of 2-strokes!!


All types of 2-stroke engines are welcomed! In TaG, older "obsolete" Rotax engines, and Parilla Leopards are encouraged to come on out and have fun, along with the newer X125's, and X30's. Shifters, bring what you have - '99 Honda, '01 Honda, ICC, KZ, DD2 - you name it, we're all racing together. Different weights for different engines, but only two shifter classes...either Shifter Light, or Shifter Heavy...keeping it simple and fun!


Next Up is CAN-AM and O2s together at PARC! - Here's the word from Can-Am Karting Challenge...
We have arranged for registration to be open on Saturday afternoon for a couple hours before the O2s twilight practice session begins. There is no pre-reg for the 2 days, but there is a $60 discount for O2s! Register on Saturday for the 2-days at the discounted $135 price, or pre-reg to do the full 3-days at $195.

Point standings, following the Saturday Night Shootout in Tri-Cities, are posted on the Points page

Sponsored by Word Racing

If you are interested in running this series as a regular, we would love to hear from you! Like our Facebook page, and send us a message. To sign up for a race, use this form: 2017 Driver Info


2017 Schedule:
- Sunday May 7 -- PARC Race
- Saturday June 10 -- PARC Night Race
- Sunday July 16 -- MAC Race
- Saturday August 12 -- PARC Night Race
- Saturday August 26 -- Tri-Cities Shootout Night Race
- Sunday September 17 -- PARC


2017 O2s Championship classes are as follows:

- Shark Shifter Heavy -- Honda Stock Moto S4, X125S, DD2, and ICC/KZ

- eShifter Kart Shifter Light -- Honda Stock Moto S2/S1, Honda Mod Moto, X125S, DD2, and ICC/KZ

- TaG Masters -- X30, X125T, Leopard, Rotax, Rok, Dragon, etc.

- TaG Sr. -- X30, X125T, Leopard, Rotax, Rok, etc.

- TaG Jr. -- X30, X125T, Leopard, Rotax, Rok, etc.

- TaG Cadet -- Mini/Micro Swift, Rotax, 100cc Leopard, Jr 1/2 restricted X125T, etc.

*See the Supplemental Technical Regulations manual for complete list of engines and weights



August 8, 2017 -- The new X125 engines are now allowed in ALL of the O2s classes! See the updated rule book for weights and Jr restrictions. Some minor updates were also made to the X125S and TM/ICC weights in the Shifter class.

May 13, 2017 -- Version 3 of the 2017 rule book is now available (clarified homologation specs most be followed).

May 8, 2017 -- Race results, point standings, and driver photos (from yesterday's race) are already posted on the points page!

April 10, 2017 -- Version 2 of the 2017 rule book is now available for review (updated tire rules).

March 11, 2017 -- Version 1 of the 2017 rule book is now available for review.

February 1, 2017 -- The Tri-Cities Shootout event was approved!

January 10, 2017 -- It's official - we have an O2s Championship Test day at Pat's Acres on Saturday April 22nd for all O2S Shifter and TaG. Add it to your schedule for 2017. This is two weeks before the opener. If high probability of rain, we will move it to the following weekend of the 29th. Testing, Swap Meet, Driver's Meeting to go over rules & ideas, and Lunch!

December 16, 2016 -- We are pleased to announce WORD Racing, PitKit, and have already committed to sponsor the 2017 O2s Championship. Watch for more sponsors and some exciting new announcements coming soon for 2017.
August 11, 2016 -- We are pleased to announce PitKit as the official tool supplier for the O2s Championship. A new C20 Five-Section Cantiliver Tool Box for the winner in every category (Shifter Heavy, Shifter Light, TaG Sr., Jr., and Cadet), at the August 13 race! Also, 10% off everything on the website for all O2s Participants* (see Joey for details).

August 2, 2016 -- We are happy to have Shepard Performance Karting on board as the official Pat's Acres Night Race sponsor for the Shark Shifter Heavy class. Cash for the top 3, at the August 13 race!

July 28, 2016 -- We are excited to announce eShifter Kart as the official Shifter Light class sponsor, now know as the eShifter Kart Shifter Light Class! Two Gift certificates drawings at each of the two remaining rounds, everyone entered in the light class has a chance to win!

July 21, 2016 -- We are pleased to announce Shark Shifter as the official sponsor of the Shifter Heavy class, now known as the Shark Shifter Heavy Class! Gift Certificates for the top 3 at each round!

2017 Supplemental Technical Regulations manual

2017 Points Structure


Driver Information & Sign-up Form


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