The Open 2-Stroke Championship presented by Word Racing.

Inclusive Rules Formula open to nearly all types of 2-stroke karts

Shifter Kart TechThe Open 2-Stroke Championship was created in 2016 to bring back the fun and participation in local kart racing. With a focus on making the fast 2-stroke classes affordable and open to most all types of 2-cycle engines, we are giving people a place to race competitively with either older “obsolete” engines, or the latest engines. Professionally run, but grass-roots focused, we welcome all levels of Karters from the weekend warrior simply looking to hangout with his friends and have a great time, to the semi-pro Karter looking for competition and track time to prepare for big events such as the SKUSA Super Nationals. This is a series that keeps costs to a minimum, and where camaraderie off the track and wheel-to-wheel competition on the track is the rule.

Click link below for PDF document explaining class weights, fuel, tires, etc. ***Updated May 30th, 2019***

The 2019 O2s Supplemental Technical Regulations manual


For the general OSKCS rules that we operate under, click the follwing link:

General OSKCS rule book


We require a driver information form for anyone new to the series - similar to a registration form.

2019 O2s Driver Information Form & Sign-up


O2s Championship classes are as follows:

- Xccel Racing Shifter Heavy -- Honda Stock Moto S4, X125S, ROK, DD2, and ICC/KZ

- CKR USA Shifter Light -- Honda Stock Moto S2/S1, Stock TM Moto, ROK, Honda Mod Moto, X125S, DD2, and ICC/KZ

- Zamp O2s100 -- ROK VLR, KA100, X100AC, KT100 - Jr 310 (22mm), Sr 350, Mstr 380 (KT100 300/340/370)

- TaG Masters -- X30, X125T, Leopard, Rotax, Vortex ROK, Dragon, etc.

- TaG Sr. -- X30, X125T, Vortex ROK, Leopard, Rotax, etc.

- TaG Jr. -- X30, X125T, Vortex ROK, Leopard, Rotax, etc.

- TaG Cadet -- Mini/Micro Swift, Jr 1/2 restricted X125T, Vortex ROK, Rotax, 100cc Leopard, etc.

*See the Supplemental Technical Regulations manual for complete list of engines and weights

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